Fire Fighter.png

October is Fire Safety Month.  We'll be talking about fire safety at school and in the home.  On Wednesday, we'll have a visit from The Bellmore Fire Department.  Please take the opportunity to talk about family meeting places in your own homes.

On Friday, our school will pray the rosary with SEAS in Houston, TX.  After being affected by the hurricane, we sent letters and prayers to the first grade.  Please send in a rosary with your child on Friday .

This week's spelling words
leg  beg  men  hen  dress  neck
All spelling homework will be done in your child's notebook

This week's sight vocabulary:
again   help   new   there   use
Please practice each night as part of your child's HW

Your child's  code for on-line access to our math and reading series is in his or  her folder!  Check out stories, videos, games, manipulatives, and help at McGraw-Hill!

There are no cash pretzel sales.  Please place your order for pretzels on the SEAS hot lunch website.
Cash will be accepted for ice cream on Thursdays.

Our Specials
Monday  gym
Tuesday  Spanish
Wednesday  music
Thursday  art and library
Friday computer