Here's just some of the things our first graders will be learning during the week of September 17th:


This week we will focus on the meaning of The Blessed Trinity.


Our students will continue to explore the concepts in addition, including vertical number sentences, problem solving, and ways to make sums of 4, 5, 6, and 7. 


The class will review letter sounds covered in Kindergarten and focus on words that contain the short vowel "a" sound. As we share our reading stories this week, we will learn about the key events and details that can be found in a story.
Six new spelling words will be written in the notebook.  Please see the memo about spelling homework that will go home on Monday. A test is planned for Friday. Please practice the weekly sight words that will be sent home in your child's folder on Monday.  

Science & Social Studies

The children will read and learn about many new concepts in their weekly Scholastic News Magazine and monthly issue of Scholastic's Science Spin.   

Best regards,
Jeanne Ciano