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Week of January 21st - Class 1-2


We will discuss how the Holy Spirit continues to help the Church today.


This week the class will learn how to display information on charts and graphs and use them to answer questions.


The children keep working on their writing and phonics skills each day with their dictation. They will learn how to spell words with the long vowel "a" sound and learn how to identify verbs in a sentence.  

The students did a great job on their dioramas and reports for the Frog & Toad reading unit.  Please remember to send in the Frog and Toad characters by Friday.


Each Tuesday for the next eight weeks, our students will participate in The Health Education Prevention Program or HEPP.  It is sponsored by Nassau County and works to education children on making healthy choices.

Social Studies/Science

The children will read stories and learn about many new concepts in their weekly Scholastic News Magazine and monthly issue of Scholastic's Science Spin.  The class is learning about Chinese culture and the Lunar New Year traditions.


Please attend the Catholic School Mass on Sunday, January 27th and the Open House from 11:00 am-1:00 pm 

Use the ConnectEd  & Scholastic News passwords/codes that were sent home  to access the online resources for Math and Reading, Science and Social Studies.