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Week of November 12th - Class 1-2


We will be sharing the story of the "Good Shepherd" and focus on Jesus' promise of new life to those who follow Him. 


We will be learning the addition strategies of making a ten to add, the Commutative Property of Addition, and problem solving in addition word problems. Keep reviewing the doubles facts that went home last week.  


The children keep working on their writing and phonics skills each day with their dictation.  This week our phonics lessons introduce the glued sound, "all" in words like ball and small.  We will also learn about the bonus letters "f, l, and s", which are found in words like puff, will, and kiss. 

We will have a spelling test this Friday and learn six new words.  Please review the five sight words from last week. Continue to mark up your spelling homework.

Our fantasy stories this week will center around buildings and the materials used to make them. We continue to learn about the story elements of character, setting, and events. 

We are reinforcing correct capitalization and ending mark usage.  Contractions using "s" will be introduced this week.  

Social Studies/Science/Health

The children will read and learn about many new concepts in their weekly Scholastic News Magazine and monthly issue of Scholastic's Science Spin. 
We will attend an Energy Assembly on Friday afternoon to learn about the ways we can conserve energy and resources. 


Picture Day is Wednesday; bring in your form.

Please send in cranberry sauce for the Food Drive!

Please send in donations for Operation Christmas Child!

Use the ConnectEd password/code that were sent home  to access the online resources for Math and Reading.