Class News

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Religion - This week the children will continue their devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary by reciting the Rosary on a daily basis. We will also attend the 9:00 Mass at St. Barnabas this Thursday. 

Math -  The children will begin their unit on geometry this week, by identifying 2D shapes, recognizing sides and angles, and drawing a diagram to solve problems. The children should also continue practicing their addition and subtraction facts each day by utilizing the flash cards which they have made. Please utilize the Connected website at home for further reinforcement of this topic. This week, homework will be assigned from Tuesday through Thursday in this subject.

E.L.A. - We will continue to explore the theme of "What Do Myths Help Us to Understand?" by reading the story "A Pumpkin Plant". In phonics the class will continue learning about the double vowels "ou, oo, ue, and ew". A Checkup will take place on Thursday. Please utilize the packet about this topic that was distributed  earlier this month. It is imperative that the children practice the phonics exercises from their packet nightly so as to meet with success in spelling and decoding words. In grammar, we will review adjectives. 

Science -
We will begin our unit on plants by observing how a seed grows and learning about the function of the roots

*Please sign all homework each night as well as the reading log. All reading logs will be checked on Friday. All graded tests will be sent home in a packet this week on Wednesday and are to be brought back signed the following day.