Class News

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Religion - This week the children will be completing their Eucharist Book with chapter 8 which will focus on loving and serving others by spreading the joy that we hold in our hearts from receiving Jesus. The class will continue to practice the reception of Holy Communion, using the unconsecrated hosts. Please continue to make every effort to join your child on their sacramental journey towards their First Holy Communion by bringing them to Mass each weekend and encouraging conversation at home. This will give the children a chance to share what they have learned in class and help both parent and child to gain a deeper understanding of this beautiful sacrament. 

Math -  The children will begin their chapter on money, by concentrating on the value of the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. They will learn a special technique called "Hairy Money" which will help them to recall the value of each coin. Please practice working on the concept of money at home as well. The children should also continue practicing their addition and subtraction facts each day by utilizing the flash cards which they have made. Please utilize the Connected website at home for further reinforcement of this topic. This week, homework will be assigned from Monday through Thursday in this subject.

E.L.A. - We will explore the theme of how can we protect our Earth by reading the stories, "The Art Project" and "The Woodcutter's Gift" in our readers. The children will be given their 15 spelling words on Monday and a Spelling Test will take place on Friday. In phonics the class will continue learning about the double vowels "oe", "oa", and "ow" as they appear in two syllable words. Please utilize the packet about this topic that was distributed before the break. It is imperative that the children practice the phonics exercises from their packet nightly so as to meet with success in spelling and decoding words. In grammar, we will explore the difference between the possessive pronouns their, your, and its and the contractions they're, you're, and it's. 

Science -
We will begin the study of rocks and minerals. The children will need to bring in a rock from home later this week so that we can use it in a series of experiments.

*Please sign all homework each night as well as the reading log. All reading logs will be checked on Friday. All graded tests will be sent home in a packet this week on Tuesday and are to be brought back signed the following day.