Upcoming Events


It was great to see all the children with their families at the Block Party! Thanks for taking photos of all the fun!  


This week our class will come to understand how Jesus shows us the Father's love and gives us the gift of grace to help us stay close to Him. Please pray the Hail Mary at home each day in honor of Second Grade's patron saint, Our Blessed Mother.  


We will build upon last week's addition concepts and begin adding three addends together and applying our skills to solve word problems.  A quiz on Ch. 1 will be given Wednesday and will cover the strategies of counting on with a number line, using doubles facts, and making a ten to add.



Fifteen spelling words will be assigned this week; a test with dictation of two sentences will be given on Friday.  These words, along with all homework assignments, will be written in the green notebook.  Spelling homework should always be done in the green notebook.


Our two stories from the reader, "Maria Celebrates Brazil" and "The Big Red Lollipop", explore what makes families around the world alike and different. The children will learn the story elements of realistic fiction and how to identify characters, setting, and events in a story.  

Reading logs should be filled in and checked each night; they are due at school on Friday.


The children will learn how to write command and exclamation sentences. We will also review question and statement sentences and how to use the correct ending punctuation.


The class will write a sensory poem using the season of Autumn as a topic.


Please review the Wilson Language packet that went in your child's folder last Monday.  It outlines Unit 1, and we need your help to reinforce the skills we cover in class.  This week we will cover the different spellings  of the /k/ sound-ck, k, c and identify closed syllable words.  A quiz is this Thursday.

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A letter will be sent home on Monday regarding covering workbooks. 

Thursday, 9/21 is a D3 Day-all money should be sent in an envelope with your child's name.