Upcoming Events

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This week we will explore how Jesus heals us through the sacrament of Reconciliation.  The students will watch a video of a child and priest showing the steps of a confession to better prepare them. 

Please continue practicing "The Act of Contrition" prayer at home.  The students will bring home their books each night to share with their parents. 

Please pray the Hail Mary at home each day in honor of Second Grade's patron saint, Our Blessed Mother.  


We will complete our unit on place value this week as we compare numbers using the greater and less than signs.  A review of all place value concepts is planned to prepare the students for a test on this material on Wednesday.


There are no new words or test this week.


We complete our unit on Thanksgiving as the children read, "The First Thanksgiving" and complete the reading questions for this packet.

Remember that reading logs should be filled in and checked each night; they are due at school each Friday.  


The children will continue to develop their grammar skills as they learn how to identify common and proper nouns.


Please review the Wilson Language packet that went home last Monday in your child's folder. It outlines Unit 5, which teaches syllable division in words. Students will review how to write and mark up compound and multisyllabic words and all suffixes covered this far. 


A test on the story of the Pilgrims, their journey on the Mayflower, and the Plymouth colony is scheduled for Tuesday. 
Thanks for your generosity!  Operation Christmas Child and the Thanksgiving Food Drive were a great success. 

May God bless your family with a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Ciano


*Use the Connected Website to reinforce math and reading skills.

*D3 Day on Tuesday, 11/21. 

*The Thanksgiving breakfast is Wednesday; no snack is needed.
Wednesday is a half day; school is closed on Thursday and Friday.