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 What's new during the Week of June 18th:

*Please remember our end of the year picnic is Monday.  Wear your gym uniform and bring a towel or blanket for the grass!


Our class will begin presenting their gifts and talents to their classmates on Monday.  Please refer to the memo to see which day your child is presenting.

Continue to pray the Hail Mary each day to honor our class patron saint, The Blessed Mother.


We are learning how to tell time using both an analog and digital clock. The children will use their problem solving skills to figure out elapsed time.  



There are ten summer words to learn this week for our final spelling bee of the year.


This week the children will be sharing poetry selections from our reading series.  


We will be reviewing all the sounds and syllable types covered this year.


Our adjective fashion show was a big hit!  We had fun reviewing adjectives! 

Social Studies

The children created colorful murals as they worked in groups to show what is found in urban, rural, and suburban communities!


Jeanne Ciano

*Reminder:  It is hard to believe the second grade year has come to an end!  It has been a pleasure to teach your beautiful children and an honor to prepare them for their sacraments this year.  Please attend our Recognition Assembly on Tuesday at 8:45 am in the Holy Family Chapel so we can celebrate all their accomplishments!