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       The Week of February 12th:


Our focus this week will be how to prepare our hearts for Jesus during Lent. We will discuss ways we can walk with Jesus by making prayerful sacrifices to show our love for Him. The children will receive their ashes at school this Ash Wednesday.  A Lenten activity will be sent home for the children to work on each day during Lent; please remind your child each day.  

Please pray the Hail Mary at home each day in honor of Second Grade's patron saint, Our Blessed Mother.  


This week we will learn how to add in the hundreds with regrouping in the tens place, rewrite three-digit addition sentences, and use the problem solving strategies of guess, check, and revise.

Please review with your child at home addition and subtraction facts and use the ConnectEd website for extra reinforcement.  


There will be a test on Friday for 15 new words. 


In this week's reading selections, "Into the Sea" and "Volcanoes", we will explore how the Earth changes.  

Information on our March book project will go home this week.  The topic is "Our Heritage".

The reading logs for February will be checked on Friday.


Our class will continue to work on our verb unit and introduce helping verbs. 


We continue our "r" controlled vowel sounds and use the sounds: "er", "ir", and "ur" in multisyllabic words.  Please go over the Unit 9 packet with your child to reinforce this skill.  Our quiz is planned for Thursday. 


The children will finish their "Angry Verb" stories based on the Angry Birds animation.  

The children will learn the names and locations of the seven continents and the oceans of the world.  We will make paper mache globes with 2-1 to reinforce these skills.


The HEPP Program continues over the next eight weeks.  It is taught by a certified health teacher and will teach students how to make healthy choices.

Best wishes for a healthy week ahead,
Mrs. Ciano   

Tuesday, Feb. 13th is a dress down day ($2) for Mardi Gras.  Wear green, purple and gold. 

 Mardi Gras/Valentine Party on Feb. 13th-send in your cards!

Ash Wednesday, Feb. 14th students will receive their ashes in in the Holy Family Chapel at 8:30 am.  Parents are invited to attend!