Pen may be used for everything except math
Please write in script in everything but math and Spanish

Wild Animal Book Report due Fri May 5

Please make sure pencils are sharp every night. 
review multiplication flash cards

Glee club every Wednesday after school for those who signed up

Science test: Ch 4 Tuesday April 11
Spelling: no spelling test week of April 10
Comprehension test: no comprehension test week of April 10

Don't forget to check out the calendar and remember to sign all homework, planners and test papers. 

Hope you are enjoying and utilizing the reading and math series websites.

Please make sure you write your child's name inside any sweater, coat, bag, etc. that is brought to school. 

What we are learning:

Religion: Lent/Triduum/Easter
Math-multiplication/decomposing a number
Science-adaptations of animals/predator/prey
Social Studies-human features of our land
ELA-pen pal letters How can others inspire us?

Class Color
This year each grade is assigned a color. Third grade is orange
This will not only be our color for Field Day, but we ask that students and their parents try to wear their grade's color to any SEAS event they attend!

Upcoming Events