Students may write in pen EXCEPT for math
Monday May 20, 2019

Read and log
Math page 678
choice menu
YT 241
Tuesday May 21, 2019
Read and log
choice menu
YT 246
Math-687, 688
Test folder
Wednesday May 22,  2019
Choice menu
YT 243, 244, 245
math-697, 698
spelling test
Thursday May 24
math 645, 646
your turn 250
comprehension test 
Friday May 25

Oops slips

When students miss a homework or a reading log is not signed, students will receive an Oops Slip. Please sign it and have your child return it the next day. Yellow lights will be issued when the 3rd Oops Slips are given; Red lights will be issued when the 6th Oops Slip is received. A point will be taken off your child's Class Dojo