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Happening The Week of 5/15-5/19


Monday-Hats Off with school uniform
$1 donation for cancer research

Band and Glee Club Concert

Tuesday- Team Day
Sport your favorite team's shirt!

Wednesday- Hawaiian Day
Hula your way through the day in a tropical type outfit.
*Students will be provided with Hawaiian Leis!


Thursday- SEAS Wear
Wear your SEAS finest top and bottom as you participate in the Walk-a-thon.

Friday- Superhero Day
Join forces with other superheroes!

*ELA Mini Quiz- Possessive Nouns
Online Game


-FIDGET SPINNERS are no longer allowed in school. If we see a student playing with one during school hours, it will be taken from them. A parent may come pick it up at the end of the day. Thank you for your cooperation.

-Please make sure you write your child's name inside any sweater, coat, bag, etc. that is brought to school. 

 What Are We Learning?

We are skipping Unit 4 and beginning Unit 5 which focuses on the Beatitudes. Beginning with Chapter 21- Happy Are the Poor In Spirit, the students will learn what each beatitude means and how they can apply it to their own lives.

Students are participating in Book Clubs! We have three different book clubs on three different books-- Shiloh, The Sign of the Beaver, and Number the Stars. The students will be assigned chapters to read at home. In class they will meet to discuss their books. Their discussions focus on summarizing the chapter, sharing their feelings, asking questions to clarify any confusion, and making predictions. When reading at home, students are encouraged to use a post-it note to jot down any notes, ideas, or vocabulary words they were unfamiliar with. 

ELA/ Writing-
In April, the students worked hard to complete 6 different types of poetry. They will be working on their final copies in Computer class using Microsoft word! 

In Grammar, students will be focusing on possessive nouns and how to appropriately use apostrophes!

Social Studies- 
We are continuing our study of New Netherlands. In Lesson 3, we learn about the daily life of the people of New Netherlands. Students are in the process of writing friendly letters through the perspective of a Dutch child writing to a family member back in Europe. Keep in mind we will be having a Chapter 3 Test on Tuesday May 23rd! 

*Please visit Miss Burke's class page for any information about Math and Science!

Class Color

This year each grade is assigned a color. Fourth grade is 
WHITEThis will not only be our color for Field Day, but we ask that students and their parents try to wear their grade's color to any SEAS event they attend!


Fourth graders and their families have free entry to state and national parks through August 31, 2017! 

Visit https://everykidinapark.gov/ for more information on how to obtain your free pass!