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For the remainder of the year, there will be a focus on current events in our Social Studies class. Students will be asked to find an article about the category that they have been assigned. The articles may come from a magazine, newspaper, or the internet. The current event should be positive or informational, and must have been published within ten days of your child’s assigned due date. Students should bring in the article itself so that it can be displayed in our classroom, along with the attached “Current Events Analysis” sheet which they will fill out. If there are any unfamiliar vocabulary words in the article, your child should write the word and its meaning on the back of the “Current Events Analysis” sheet. The goal for doing current events is for students to develop a greater awareness of the world around them, make connections, and build vocabulary and language skills.

News Source Ideas:


- Scholastic News Online
-DOGO News
-Times for Kids
KidsPost- The Washington Post

Physical Newspapers:

-The New York Times
-The Daily News
-The New York Post
-Your town's local Herald

*Remember to bring in the article on your due date, along with the "Current Events Analysis" sheet!!

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