Homework Policy

Homework & Projects

Homework will be given in most of the major subject areas every day except Friday. However, some homework (Math and Reading Logs) may be given on most Fridays. Written homework may not always be given.


Students will copy their assignments and other important information into their planners each day. I will check and that all students copy down the homework correctly each day, indicated by my initials. I ask that you check and sign your child’s planner on a daily basis, as well as each individual homework assignment. By signing, you are agreeing that your child’s homework is completed and acceptable to hand in. This will also encourage students to take responsibility for their work.


Oops Slips- Students will fill out an “Oops Slip” when a homework assignment is not done or incomplete. The teacher will determine whether the homework will be completed during recess or at home that night. After a student receives three “Oops Slips”, the next missed homework will be a yellow light. After 3 yellow lights, the next missed homework will result in a red light.


Projects will be given periodically throughout the year. The projects will also be incorporated into the assessment of student progress. Ample time will be given to ensure projects are completed before they are due.


A Reading log will be brought to and from school in your child’s take home folder on a daily basis. Each night the child will write the date and book that they read on the log. I ask that an adult initial the log each night. The students are required to read a minimum of 20 minutes per night. Although we encourage students to read every day of the weekend, only one day (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) is required to be recorded on the Reading log.

When tests are handed back in your child's folder, please sign them and return them the following day!