This Week......

This week………

Monday 2/18

day president STICKER

Tuesday 2/19

Winter Break

Wednesday 2/20

Winter Break


Winter Break

Friday 2/22

Happy Birthday George Washington! happy nan britton Sticker

**Looking Ahead**

2/18/19 President's Day 2/16/19-2/24/19 - President's Week - Winter Break

2/27/19 - D3 Day

3/2/19 - Father’s Club Wine Tasting Event

3/6/19 - Ash Wednesday 3/7/19 - 9am mass - 4th grade hosting- early dismissal

3/10/19 - Father’s Club Bowling Tournament

3/10/19 - Candy Sale Ends

3/15/19 - Family BINGO  

~What we are Learning~





ACE Strategy -helps students 'show they know or can do' the learning standards as evidenced in a brief, constructed response.

Social Studies:   Arrival of the Dutch and Fur Trading


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