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We enjoy celebrating birthdays, so if you plan on sending in special treats please make sure they are peanut-free and tree-nut free, since we have food allergies in the classroom.  

We will be having snack in the classroom, so please send in a healthy snack, as well as peanut-free and tree-nut free.  

Please make sure that your child has their ticket if they are buying hot lunch.  Hot Pretzels will be sold on Tuesday and Ice Cream will be sold on Thursday's during lunch.



    We will be completing Chapter 2 in our Crosswalk Coach Plus workbook by next week (March 6th). We learned how to read Informational Texts, and how to find main idea and supporting details, use factual details for support, sequencing, cause and effect, compare and contrast information texts and across genres, using different sources,as well as reasons and evidence. We are still learning about the parts of sentences and we will begin to learn how to correct fragments and run-on sentences. Our fiction book report is due Friday, March 20, 2017.


Social Studies (Chap. 5 textbook pages and H.W. Pages are in S.S. tab)

    We started Unit 3 The Thirteen Colonies, of our S.S. textbook. We are learning about settling, life, and economy in New England. Settling, life, busy farms and seaports in the Middle Colonies. Also settling, life, and economy in the South.    

Current Events are big hit in our class, with students now going onto their second assignments.  Thank you, for all of the great interesting articles that the students have been sharing.  It has sparked great discussions in the classroom.
Health​ ​​​We will begin the unit Fully Alive next week, with the first theme: Created and Loved by God. Then the second theme of Living in Relationship, followed by the third theme, Male and Female created. Ending with the fourth and fifth theme of Growing in Commitment and Living in the World. This Unit will be four weeks.


    We will complete Unit 2 this week, We Celebrate the Eucharist. We come together to celebrate, we listen to God's word, we praise and thank God, we receive Holy Communion, and we are sent to Glorify the Lord.

Thank you so much for your support!

Ms. Wilken  

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