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We enjoy celebrating birthdays, so if you plan on sending in special treats please make sure they are peanut-free and tree-nut free, since we have food allergies in the classroom.  

We will be having snack in the classroom, so please send in a healthy snack, as well as peanut-free and tree-nut free.  

Please make sure that your child has their ticket if they are buying hot lunch.  Hot Pretzels will be sold on Tuesday and Ice Cream will be sold on Thursday's during lunch.



    We are learning new vocabulary through reading various genres of passages, context clues, completing sentences, synonyms and antonyms, and word matching. We learned how to read Informational Texts, and how to find main idea and supporting details, use factual details for support, sequencing, cause and effect, compare and contrast information texts and across genres, using different sources,as well as reasons and evidence. We are still learning about the parts of sentences, grammar, as well as learning how to correct mistakes in passages.


Social Studies

    We are finishing Unit 5 A Growing Nation. We are learned about The Constitution, Branches of Government. The Bill of Rights, Exploring the West, and how the Nation Grew. We will begin Unit 6 Civil War Times. The students will work in groups gathering information and teaching and learning from each other about the Civil War Times.    

Current Events were a big hit in our class this year, students now going onto their final assignments.  Thank you, for all of the great interesting articles that the students have been sharing.  It has sparked great discussions in the classroom.
Health​ ​​​We will be completing Nutrition and making healthy choices.


    We will be completing Unit 5 by the end of June, We Worship God by Living in Love.

Thank you so much for your support!

Ms. Wilken  


Image result for spring owls

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