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Welcome All!                  May 14, 2018

Our class friendships have developed
over the past nine months into an
acceptance of one another and a true 
joy of spending time with eachother.
We will focus this week on how we
have learned to be a good friend to our
classmates. We will learn how Jesus
was a good friend, especially to 

Our indoor garden is planted and we are
seeing signs of "new life"! The children
have learned that plants need soil, sun, and
water to grow. We are charting our
observations with small beads stacked 
on a pipe cleaner. May 1st, we stacked 
only 3 beads to measure our grass growth.
May 3rd we counted 7 beads for our unit of
measure. May 9th we used 10 beads
to measure the length of our tallest
piece of grass! We will cut the grass
and see new sprouts this week!  

Five very hungry caterpillars have joined
our Nursery group. This week, the children
will surely see the chrysalis stage move to
the butterfly stage. We will feed the
butterflies nectar and oranges. We will have 
the chance to learn about the ant insect.
An ant project will help the children to 
understand the ant and how it lives.

Always learning,

Mrs. Jane Cappiello
Mrs. Doreen Shanley

                              EMBRACE ONE ANOTHER








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