Computer Technology



In Kindergarten and First Grade, students are learning keyboarding basics including keyboarding posture, the home-row typing method, and command keys.  Students will be bringing home their own “home-made laptop” to practice their typing skills off-line.

In Second Grade, we are learning the correct definitions and vocab for a variety of computer terms including hardware, software, input and output devices. We will be watching a variety of Brain Pop Videos covering but not limited to the topics: how computers work, how the internet works, binary code, and computer programming.  Students are “quizzed” on the content with a fun opportunity to win a gel pen and stickers.


In Third Grade, students are staring Level 2 in Qwerty Town, our web based keyboarding curriculum. They now have a strong understanding of the home row and are moving onto the upper row.  More information about Qwerty Town can be found at the bottom of my page. Please encourage your student to practice at home!  The first and second trimester a student from each 3rd grade class is named as “Advanced Keyboardist”.  They are chosen based on their performance in class regarding: posture, behavior, correct use of the home row method, WPM, and accuracy. They are recognized at the Recognition Assembly with a small prize.


In the Fourth Grade, students are beginning to prepare for NYS Online Testing. We are starting with a 3-week ELA Informative Texts Unit that will build students reading, evaluation, and typing skills.  They will be searching for the main idea and supporting details along with comparing texts of similar topics. This will all be summed up in a in class typing assignment.


In the Fifth through Eighth Grade, it is STEM FAIR Time! We sure to ask your student about the Data Packet that they received. This packet includes every step they need to follow to create a successful STEM Fair Project.  It also includes a DUE DATE TIMELINE that is essential to your student’s success.  Your student’s project will be worked on at home, as well as, while students are at school.  Students will be working on this project in my class (weekly) and occasionally in their Science Class.  The experiment portion of you project will need to be completed at home. Other portions of the project will be presented and started in class, finished at home. Each student/partnership will be given a tri-fold presentation board and time to assemble their project board at school in the week before the STEM Fair. The STEM Fair will be open to parents during our Catholic School Week Open House, January 28th, 11-1pm.  All students will be judged on their project and presentation.  Each grade level will have  a student/partnership winner that will be sent onto the DRVC District Level Stem Fair.

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ALL STUDENTS 3rd - 8th Grade
have an year log subscription to the Qwerty Town Program. It is a web based program that can be accessed from any computer. We will be using the program in class and I strongly encourage you to have your student(s) play at home as well. It teaches keyboarding skills while having fun! You can use the link listed in my subpages or access it by clicking To log in, your students username is: First Initial + Last Name (First letter capitalized). Example: KSileo And your student's password: seas2017. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

ALL STUDENTS 8th-4th Grade have a year long subscription to Brain Pop. Their user name and password was given to them by their homeroom teacher. Brain Pop is a great educational tool! I encourage you to ask you student about it! You can access it by using the link in my subpages or by clicking:  Log in and check it out. If you have questions feel free to email me.