Computer Technology


Fall has arrived and the Computer Technology Curriculum is in full swing!


In Kindergarten, students are learning all the computer basics. Skills we are working on in class are: logging in/out, correct posture, and mouse skills. Be sure to check out the Symbaloo Mouse Skills Page listed in my sub-pages.


In First and Second Grade, we are reviewing logging in/out, correct posture, and mouse skills. We are expanding into exploring the parts of a web browser. Topics we will be covering are:  Back/Forward button, maximize/minimize button, web address bar, exiting windows/menus, dealing with pop-ups.


In Third Grade, we are beginning our Keyboarding Unit by reviewing the home row and correct keyboarding techniques.  Next students will be learning how to use Qwerty Town, a web based keyboarding curriculum. More information about Qwerty Town can be found at the bottom of my page. Please encourage your student to practice at home!


In the Fourth Grade, we are beginning a really fun unit that introduces students to the math program Excel. Students have access to cute pet clipart that they spend a budget to "buy" to fill an imaginary pet store. Students enter the data in Excel and also use math functions to total the cost. The goal, to get as close to your budget as possible without going over!1

In the Fifth Grade, we are super busy!! We are beginning our Native American Newsletter with an introduction to the program Publisher.  This project is a collaboration with Ms. Wilken/Social Studies.  Along with this, students will be researching for their Saint Project, a collaboration with Mrs. Franzese/Religion.  We will also be covering how to correctly cite sources.

In the Sixth Grade, we are continuing to develop our Google Classroom and Google Suite skills. In Google Docs, students will be learning layout skills in a collaboration with Mrs. Carlson/Math. Students will create a grocery flyer as an extension to their Unit Conversion Unit.


In the Seventh Grade, we are beginning a unit on Strategic Searching. Students learn that to conduct effective and efficient online searches, they must use a variety of searching strategies rather than relying on a single source. Students learn a five-step method for planning and carrying out an online search. Students then apply what they have learned to a scenario in which they pretend they are employees in a workplace, searching for information for their job.

In the Eighth Grade, we are beginning a Research Unit.  They will choose a Humanitarian Issue as their topic. Students will develop research skills as they create a Fact Card using Google Docs.  To start, students brainstorm a topic and plan their research project.  Next, they use the strategies to retrieve quality information from reliable resources.  The facts are then processed using paraphrasing techniques to transform an outline into a one sheet report.  These Fact Cards are going to be laminated and displayed in the office hallway as part of my classroom theme for the year, "Embrace Those In Need".  This project is a collaboration with Mr. Maelia/Religion.


Internet Safety Links:

Also check of below....

ALL STUDENTS 3rd - 8th Grade
have an year log subscription to the Qwerty Town Program. It is a web based program that can be accessed from any computer. We will be using the program in class and I strongly encourage you to have your student(s) play at home as well. It teaches keyboarding skills while having fun! You can use the link listed in my subpages or access it by clicking To log in, your students username is: First Initial + Last Name (First letter capitalized). Example: KSileo And your student's password: seas2017. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

ALL STUDENTS 8th-4th Grade have a year long subscription to Brain Pop. Their user name and password was given to them by their homeroom teacher. Brain Pop is a great educational tool! I encourage you to ask you student about it! You can access it by using the link in my subpages or by clicking:  Log in and check it out. If you have questions feel free to email me.