Computer Technology

Welcome Back Students & Parents!

I am excited to get this new school year underway! This year we will be exploring so many new ideas, skills, and programs! 

We will start off the year with a unit on Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship. All grades will explore age appropriate material that will empower them to be safe and happy while using the internet and all technology.  There are so many free resources available to parents to help you better understand how to protect your children.  Please check out the links below to further information.

The easiest way to keep your child safe while they use their technology is to talk to them.  Make sure that your children understand your expectations of their usage and behavior during usage of their devices.  Let your children know that they should talk to you right away if something/one makes them feel sad, worried, or uncomfortable.  Look at their devices. Visually monitor them as much as possible.  All devices have parental controls that can be set to your specifications under the settings options.  Use the settings to monitor your child’s usage when you are unable to. 

Lastly, review the Technology Behavior & Use Policy with your student(s).  I will do this in class as well. Make sure that they understand that there is zero tolerance when it comes to those who cannot adhere to the policy. If your child reports to you knowledge that someone else has violated this policy, please bring it to the attention of the administration immediately.

Together we will all be able to create a safe and happy environment for our students to thrive in!


Internet Safety Links:

Also check of below....

ALL STUDENTS 3rd - 8th Grade
have an year log subscription to the Qwerty Town Program. It is a web based program that can be accessed from any computer. We will be using the program in class and I strongly encourage you to have your student(s) play at home as well. It teaches keyboarding skills while having fun! You can use the link listed in my subpages or access it by clicking To log in, your students username is: First Initial + Last Name (First letter capitalized). Example: KSileo And your student's password: seas2017. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

ALL STUDENTS 8th-4th Grade have a year long subscription to Brain Pop. Their user name and password was given to them by their homeroom teacher. Brain Pop is a great educational tool! I encourage you to ask you student about it! You can access it by using the link in my subpages or by clicking:  Log in and check it out. If you have questions feel free to email me.