Welcome to Mrs. Pugliese's Kindergarten Class!

Week of: May 15, 2017
Welcome to SPIRIT week!

It was a great start to the beginning of the school year from September - December, and I'm looking forward to more enjoyment and more learning at SEAS. It is going to be awesome to watch their continued growth from now until June with respect, responsibility, and reverence.

We have a great program at our school titled, Ambassadors of Christ. These are children who are followers of Jesus Christ and of his ways.

May's Ambassador is Dominick Ciano 

In October, we recognized Emma Doherty;
in November, we recognized Connell Faver;
in December, we recognized Hailey Albanese;
in January, we recognized Nicholas Gelish;
in February, we recognized Julianna Fiumano;
in March, we recognized Anthony Rugen;
in April, we recognized Bella Clinton.
Congratulations to all!

In addition to our monthly ambassador, we also have a  
Star of the Week in our classroom.

This week's star is Anthony Rugen.

Previously, we have had Bella Clinton, Harper Albanese, Allie Wolken,
Justin LaGreco, Jacob Tibay, Dominick Ciano, Logan Dillworth, and Julianna Fiumano, Connell Faver, Nicholas Gelish, Emma Doherty, Hailey Albanese, and Patrick Dunphy. 
Congrats to all!

I hope you are continuing to have a beautiful Easter season!

This week, students will continue with our daily review of Fundations; students recite the letter stories, review sight words and pictures, and piece together those high frequency words to form sentences. Students are currently reviewing letters q, w, x, y, and z; they will be assessed on their knowledge of their previously learned sight words too.

In religion, we will talk about how Mother Mary is Good. We have the May Crowning next week in Mass! Also, we will begin practice for the Kindergarten liturgy next month! Students will be given jobs such as readers and holders; they are so excited!

In reading, students will begin Unit 8. This week, the essential question is, "What can help you get from here to there?" The phonics letters are j and q, and the weekly sight words are here and me. Students will enjoy listening comprehension stories titled, "Daddy's Truck Picks Me Up" and "From Here to There"; the literary element they will focus on is character, setting, and plot and will focus on prediction, comprehension, and fluency. They will read "Dad Got a Job."

In math, students will be assessed on their vocabulary and concept knowledge of numbers 18 - 20 and a review on Chapter 10. Students will count and recognize numerals to 50, and count to 100 by ones and by tens!

Two weeks ago, we read The Surprise Garden and planted seeds! We observe daily of what we planted and I sketch a picture on a big post-it and hang it on the window above "our garden" in our classroom. The plants look great! Also, last week, we received five live caterpillars and are observing and drawing what we see each day as they grow into beautiful butterflies into the observation journals. Students will listen to a story titled Caterpillar to Butterfly and will complete an activity, A Butterfly Grows, where students will color, cut, and glue a beautiful butterfly. We will also discuss the life cycle of the butterfly! It's going to be a fun, educational week filled with lots of SPIRIT!

Weekly Reminders:

Monday, 5/15 - HAT day!
Measuring for school uniforms for next year
7:00 PM band concert

Tuesday, 5/16 - TEAM day! 
Wednesday, 5/17 - HAWAIIAN day!

Thursday, 5/18 - SEAS day!
Family Night Out - Hurricane Grill from 6  -10:00 PM

Friday, 5/19 - SUPERHERO day!
Mother/son event

Specials Schedule:

Monday - Art
Tuesday - Music
*Wednesday - Gym 
Thursday - Spanish
Friday - Computer

*Wear gym uniforms and sneakers every Wednesday.

*Nightly homework consists of a math sheet, writing in the Fundations journal, and reading the assigned book in the book bag. Please complete the reading log and report (that will be distributed each Monday) and hand in by Wednesday of each week. On Wednesday, you will then receive a reader and be expected to read for fluency an assigned story, with no written work attached to that.

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