Welcome to Mrs. Sylvan and Mrs. Wykert's 
Kindergarten class.
We work hard, have fun and Embrace kindness!!

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What's Happening This Week?

(March 19 to March 23)

I hope you all had a fun St. Patrick's Day.  Thank you Mrs. Colgan and Mrs. Flynn for the teamwork on the adorable and delicious cupcakes. They were chock full of treats.


  We are reviewing the letter  w, a plane line letter.  The children will use the  white boards and tile boards to review letters and sight words.

-We will look at picture cards and then try to come up with additional words that begin with the letter .

- The children will choose objects from our special backpack and pull out objects that begin with the letter w. They continue to give great clues and are more comfortable with picking friends to guess the object.

As we do each day in Fundations, we drill our letters and sounds.
Our letters up to this point are:
t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s, e, d, j, p, l, h, k and v


This week: 
The Weekly Concept 

  Stormy Weather

   The Essential Question is:

How can you stay safe in bad weather? 

Sight words:
This week we will be reviewing words:
my, are, he, was, is, little, she and with

Read aloud stories:
Mack and Ben

Discussion: What might Ben and Mack say about what they
can do now that the weather is better.

The children were introduced to words ending in "ck"
rock, back, deck and lock

The children learned that "ck" makes the sound of "k".

Two letters making one sound (digraph).

This week they will see the words Mack, kick, pack, tick and tock in our read along story.

New Sight Words

  Our sight words:
I , can, the, we, see, a, like, to, and, go, do, you, my,  are, he, with, is , little, she and was.
The children continue to do a great job with letter/sound recognition.  They also are really grasping tapping words and reading sentences. Keep up the great work with reviewing sight words and homework.

Creative Writing 

Spring is on its way and so is the windy weather. We read the story:
 The Wind Blew
By: Pat Hutchins

The children discussed all the things that blew away including a kite. The children were asked to think of a place their kite would fly to. The responses were incredible. Everywhere from Africa to Disney World and a bunch of great place in between.    

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Book in a Bag

Our first Book in a Bag was a huge success. The children wrote beautiful responses and drew wonderful illustrations.

Remember to keep the book until Friday. Not only are they suppose to do the paper, they should also continue reading the  book through the week. This not only helps building confidence with reading the words, we want to build fluency and comprehension.


The children will be bringing home their first book in a bag this week. They may keep it for the week and complete the assignment and bring it back on Friday. You may have to help your child with some of the words, but by the end of the week they will be reading on their own.
Happy reading!


This week we will continue chapter 9

Lesson 4:
Use the = symbol

Lesson 5:
How many are left?



We have been practicing for our Lenten Prayer Service in the HFC. The children are doing a wonderful job remembering their lines and other responsibilities. This is such a wonderful way for the children to live and learn the stations of the cross.

We look forward to seeing everyone on   

Thursday, March 22nd @ 9:00
in the Holy Family Chapel 

All are invited to attend.

The children have completed their stations of the cross books. They truly enjoyed learning about each station and always had such wonderful questions.

This week we will discussed Jesus' miracles. We will read, illustrate and add the stories to our Bibles:

Jesus makes His first miracle 
Jesus' miracle feeds thousands of people

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Thanks Lily for being a great "Star of the Week". 
Since you were absent, we look forward to your show and tell on Monday.  

 Our Star Student this week is Maya. The children are excited to celebrate and learn more about their friend. We look forward to her show and tell on Friday.

Just a note:

Monday, 3/19
9:00 mass with prayer pals

Tuesday, 3/20
Family night out
Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza (Wantagh)

Wednesday, 3/21
Happy spring
Student prayer service

Thursday, 3/22
Lenten Prayer Service
HFC @ 9:00
(children wear their school uniforms, NO SNEAKERS)

Parent Workshop and report distribution

Friday, 3/23

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 3/25

Palm Sunday

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Please note:
The pretzels were left out of the hot lunch rotation and therefore no pre paying and no tickets are available.

If your child wants to purchase a pretzel, they need to bring in cash on Tuesday.  This will only be for the month of March.

Also, reminder:
The deadline to place your lunch orders for next month is  March 25th. 

The fourth grade students are collecting donations for the St. Barnabas Food Pantry.  All items are welcomed, however, they are in great need of health and beauty aids. (shampoo, soap, etc.) Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.     

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Scarlett    March 25