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What's happening this week?
(October 9-13)

EMBRACE  the beauty of the world around us. As the colors come alive and we prepare for the harvest, we truly appreciate all the wonderful things God has created.

This week in religion, we continue to discuss the story of creation. The children's creation wheels are looking beautiful.

This week in Fundations,  we will talk about the letter "i". This is exciting because we are learning about our first vowel.  As we drill our letters each day we talk about vowels and how important they are.  As we do each Monday, the children will pick objects out of the bag that begin with the letter of the week. They will give their classmates clues and they help by telling if it is a person, place or thing. This is such a wonderful way for the children to learn by touching, visualizing and discussing with their friends.
The children enjoy using the white boards to practice their letters and words. 

We learn through our senses and this is the theme as we finish unit 1 in our readers. "How can your senses help you learn"? They will listen to stories  "The Smell of Springime",  "The Taste of Purple", "Rain" and "Senses at the Seashore".
We will review the letter Ss and learn the sight word "see". The children are doing a wonderful job reading their  sight words. It is exciting watching them link the words together to make sentences.

In math, we continue Chapter 2: Numbers to 10. The children are doing a great job as they are encouraged to count objects slowly and one at a time. I remind them of the count and cross out strategy. This helps the children slow down and shows them which object they have already counted.  We will also practice ordinal numbers.f (first to tenth). We are taking a little time to practice writing our numbers. They are doing great, but a times, need reminders of the correct formation.

The children are excited about our pumpkin discussions and projects. We discussed how a pumpkin grows from a small seed and develops into a beautiful orange pumpkin. They enjoyed painting and making  Jack O lanterns.  Our scarecrows in the hallway offer a wonderful welcome and definitely are not scaring anyone away. 

We hope to see all of you at our
Open  House on Sunday, October 29th,
11:00 to 1:00.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to see our fun, festive classroom and hallway.

On Wednesday, Mr. Messmer from the Bellmore FD, will be talking to the children on fire safety. He is also bringing a fire truck and the children will be able to go on it.  I know they will be so excited.

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Don't forget about the Halloween parade on
Tuesday, October 31st
   At 1:00, in our school parking lot, can watch the children walk around in their costumes. Such a fun sight to see!

Thank you for returning permission slips and money for our trip in November. The children are going to have a wonderful time.      

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