Welcome to Mrs. Sylvan and Mrs. Wykert's 
Kindergarten class.
We work hard, have fun and Embrace kindness!!

Last week was filled with fun and celebration. The children truly enjoyed the egg hunt that the Student Council arranged for them. Each child found their egg with their name on it.

On Friday, the children were treated to another egg hunt set up by the class moms with your wonderful donations. 
Each child gathered at least 6 eggs in the beautiful bags they decorated.
After the egg hunt, they had fun decorating delicious cupcakes
with jelly beans and chocolate eggs. I think they were decorated more than the cupcakes.
Finally, they had fun making  a cute bunny project. The best part was painting our hands green.

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful donations  that  helped make our celebration so much fun!

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What's Happening This Week?

(April 16th to April 20th


Our Fundations letter of the week is x. We will discuss words that begin with the letter x but mostly words that end with the letter x. 

  As we do each week, we will be reviewing all  letters we have learned so far.  The children will use the white boards and tile boards to review letters and sight words.

We will continue to we drill our letters and sounds.
Our letters up to this point are:
t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s, e, d, j, p, l, h, k , v, w, and y

Unit 7, week 2

 This week: We will be reviewing the letters Gg and Ww. 

Sight words:

Our new sight words are:
they and of

Weekly Concept
Pet Pals

Essential Question
How do you take care of different kinds of pets?

Reading Story

I Hug Gus
We will read about a big, red dog Gus who becomes a pet.

We will discuss how children can care for their pets. 

Other words we will be introduced to:
hug, get, tag, wet, win, wag

  Our sight words we have learned:
I , can, the, we, see, a, like, to, and, go, do, you, my,  are, he, with, is , little, she, was, and,
 with, have and for.

The children continue to do a great job with letter/sound recognition.  They also are really grasping tapping words and reading sentences. Keep up the great work with reviewing sight words and homework.

Creative Writing

We love being authors and illustrators!

The children wrote wonderful stories. They will share with their friends and bring home to share with moms and dads.

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Book in a Bag
Look out for your new book. Happy reading!


Last week we started chapter 10
We are back to using the 10 frame . However, we are now using 2 ten frames. We will concentrate on counting and writing numbers higher than 10. (2 digit numbers)

Lesson 1‚Äč was
numbers 11 and 12

Lesson 2
13 & 14

Lesson 3

Lesson 4
16 & 17


We will continue talking about the Easter season.
As we discussed, Easter is about new life.
In our religion books, we will focus on the chapter, 

Seeds are Good

We will talk about all the beautiful things God has given us,
especially flowers.

The children will meet with their prayer pals and make 
"He Lives" projects.

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    Noelle is our  Star Student. The children are excited to celebrate and learn more about their friend. We look forward to her show and tell on Friday.

Thank you Megan for being a great Star Student. We really loved your music box and the beautiful song it played for the Broadway show, Cats.

Just a note:

Monday, April 16

Tuesday 4/17

Wednesday, 4/18

Thursday, 4/19
Half day dismissal

Friday, 4/20
Family Bingo

Have a great weekend!

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Colette - April 10
Antonia -  April 26