Mrs. Pugliese's K - 1 Class

Week of: April 15, 2019
Happy Holy Week!

Last week was another fun-filled, full week of Kindergarten! 
Throughout the week, students focused on how animals are like and different! Our sight words were for and have and our Fundations letter was y. In math, we worked on Chapter 9 - Subtraction! Students had fun using manipulatives to take away.

In religion, we are focusing on the season of Lent! We had our fifth student prayer service on Wednesday hosted by the 7th Grade. It was wonderful! 

The children are all ready for their Lenten Prayer Service! They are very excited! They have practiced their readings, songs, and positions. The prayer service takes place on Tuesday, April 16th at 9:00 a.m. in the Holy Family Chapel.

During Lent, we make sacrifices and changes to try to improve ourselves to become more like Jesus.

It was a wonderful, productive week! The children had a great week learning, playing, and praying together.

Looking ahead...

This week, the students will continue in the academic areas of Reading, Fundations, and Math. 

In Fundations, every morning, we review all letters and sight words previously learned. Please review nightly.
This week, we will focus on review of all letters. After break, the letter is x.

Letters and Sight Words taught thus far in Kindergarten:
Letters: t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s, e, r, p, j, l, h, k,v, w, y
Sight words: can, I, the, we, see, a, like, to, and, go, you, do, my, are, he, with, is, little, she, was, for, have

In reading, we will start Unit 7, Week 2 after Easter break.
Essential Question: How do you take care of different kinds of pets?

Phonics letters: Gg, Ww
Sight words: of, they

Listening comprehension stories: "The Birthday Pet"
skill: character, setting, plot

Independent reading story: "I Hug Gus!"

I hope you're enjoying the books in a bag! As a reminder, each Monday, students will go home with one or two new leveled books to practice reading. The books will be read together in class first, but should be reinforced nightly at home. The books are expected back into class on Monday mornings, so the books can be collected, and new leveled books can get replaced in the bag. The children cannot receive new books until the old books are returned. Thank you for your cooperation! There are no books this week. Students will receive new books on Monday, April 29th.

Please continue to follow the nightly directions in the Fundations workbook. Let me know if you are having any difficulty.  

In math, students will continue in Chapter 9 - Subtraction after Easter break. 

This week, topics we will focus on...

Holy Week:
Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good, Friday, Holy Saturday
Prayer Day:
Stations of the Cross

Weekly Special Classes...

Monday - Music and Art
Tuesday - Spanish 
Wednesday - Library
Thursday - Computer
Friday - Gym

This week's happenings...

Monday, 4/15 - Fast Athletics
SEAS Blue Wave Baseball at 3:45 p.m.

Tuesday, 4/16 - Kindergarten Lenten Prayer Service
9:00 a.m. Holy Family Chapel
10:25 a.m. Bus Drill

Wednesday, 4/17 - Prayer Day
SEAS Blue Wave Baseball Game at 3:45 p.m.

Thursday, 4/18 - Holy Thursday - No School
Friday - 4/19 - Good Friday - No School

Saturday - 4/20 - Holy Saturday

Sunday - 4/21 - Easter Sunday

Extra reminders...

* Check your child's homework for accuracy. Please return all papers with a "Parent's Signature" stamp on it.

* Read all the directions for all the questions to your child.

* Enforce proper pencil grip and correct letter formation. It is okay to do hand over hand letter writing. This ensures correct letter formation.

* Have your child write only the first letter of his/her name in an uppercase letter, the rest of the letters are in lowercase letters. It is okay to have him/her erase and rewrite properly. This type of repetition helps your child to remember the accuracy and importance of writing his/her name correctly.

Have a great week and a Blessed Easter and break with your friends and family!
See you back on Monday, April 29th!


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