What Are We Learning In Music?

Pre-K /Kindergarten

Pre K and K are learning etiquette for the Star Spangeled Banner.

1st Grade
1st grade is dissecting My Country Tis of Thee, and making a lyric quilt to show what the song means.

2nd Grade
is learning the lines and spaces of the music staff.

3rd Grade
is finishing up Recorder Karate and becoming Black Belt Masters.

4th Grade
is learning about our National Anthem, and how it was created.

5th Grade
  is studying Maraichi music. We are diving in deep to the instruments used, and the traditions with it.

6th Grade 
Is studying Opera. They are currently learning about Arias, and Recitative. They are using the Libretto Cycle to write their own operas.

7th Grade
7th grade is looking deep into themselves! They analyzed a song that represents them as a person, and are now creating new songs based upon those themes.

8th Grade
8th graders are learnign about the origins of hip hop and how it's meant to keep people make good, safe choices. They are looking at the beliefs of the Universal Zulu Nation (which are very similar to our own as Catholics!), and seeing if those beliefs are still evident in hip hop music today!