What Are We Learning In Music?

October 12, 2018


Pre-k students are creating sound effects for familar stories, and books! Such as "The 3 Little Pigs", and "Chika Chika Boom Boom"

Kindergarten is beginning to practice their singing voices. They are experiencing beat, and rhythm using the musical instruments. We are utilizing songs and finger plays as well to practice kinestetic and bodily awareness.

1st Grade
1st grade is analyzing music for short and long sounds. They are practicing reading and playing basic rhythms in combinations of long and short sounds. 

2nd Grade
2nd graders are singing and moving to 2 beat meter. They can read and play multiple rhythms in 2 beat meter, label beat 1 and beat 2, as well as demonstrate different sounds and movements for each beat. 

3rd Grade

3rd grade as just started the recorder!! They have learned 3 notes. B, A and G. 

4th Grade
4th Grade is learning more complicated rhythms. 16th notes! 

5th Grade
5th grade is working on the very difficult concept of time signature. They are analyzing how the duration of the notes relate to one another as the note that is worth 1 beat changes. 

6th Grade 
6th graders are diving head first into sound waves. They have learned what sound is, the parts of a sound wave, and how the size of things changes its sound. 

7th Grade
7th grade is discussing Samba music, and its use in the Brazilian Religious event of Carnival. They are currently playing samba rhythms with instruments that are representative of traditional Brazilian instruments. In addition they are working on a visual poster to represent all that is Samba and Carnival. 

8th Grade
8th graders are immersing themselves in musical history. They are analyzing how the music of the slaves fits the time of the culture of what was happening in the country. They are working on making their own homemade instruments, as well as work songs and blues songs.