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 Keeping busy in PreK 5
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Reaching for the stars!!!

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Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week. The children are learning that Jesus entered into Jerusalem triumphantly with crowds of people welcoming Him like a king.
We are singing the song "wave our branches and sing, hosanna to to the king".

On Thursday Jesus returns to Jerusalem to share the last supper with His apostles. The children are amazed when Jesus learns that one of his followers will betray him.

On Friday Jesus is crucified, dies and is buried.
A sad time, but we are comforted knowing that 
three days later, on Easter Sunday, Jesus rises from the dead.
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All of this is done by our Lord for for forgiveness of our sins, and life everlasting with Him.
We discuss and make beautiful pictures with bunnies, eggs, chicks, flowers and birds. The children understand that this is a time of rebirth and a celebration of life.

Many wishes to all our families for a wonderful, joyous Easter.

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