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Be Kind, Be Happy, Be You

Catholic Schools week is almost here!

Be the SEASon of change!

We are spring!
It might be freezing outside, but our hallway looks very spring like.

Inside our room our bears are hibernating, our mittens are matching (symmetrical) and our Snowmen at Night are doing fun things.

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We discussed Martin Luther King Jr. and the dream he had for peace and kindness. The children shared what their dream would be. 
The children may have mentioned how we divided our room according to eye color. All blue eyes were told they could have a longer play time. The children talked about how they felt and didn't think this was fair.  We related this to skin color and read about how people were treated poorly because of how they looked on the outside.  We talked about what was really important; what you are like on the inside. By the way, the children were relieved when they found out everybody had the same amount of playtime. 

The children have been working very hard on their spring projects. Our flowers are beautiful but so are the pictures of the children on the inside. Our birds didn't migrate and are flying in the hallway. Our bumble bees are buzzing and feasting on our flowers.
The children had fun painting rainbows, sun shines, blue skies and flowers. You can see all this beautiful work 
 at our
 Open House
Sunday, January 26th @ 11:00-1:00

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This week in:

We will continue work on the letter Mm.

We will be reading 
"The Mitten" by Jan Brett
We will watch how several animals sleep snugly in a mitten until a bear sneezes.

We will be reviewing numbers 1-7
The children are really doing a great job writing their numbers.

We will be discussing all the wonderful things God has given us.  
Our discussion continues on freezing vs. melting.
The sun can be shinning but it can still be cold/freezing outside.  We talk about position of the sun during the seasons. How we must change to adapt t each season. 

Family Night out
(Red Robin)

Our Time children and parents will be visiting our classroom. 



​Catholic Schools Week Open House

Please continue sending in loose or extra change for our "Be the Change" fundraiser for the Make a Wish Foundation. We greatly appreciate your support and generosity. It is a wonderful way for the children to BE Kind and bring happiness to others.

So far our school, with your help,has collected over $1,000. Thanks so much. 

Have a wonderful weekend and we hope to see you on Sunday. Come see how beautiful your school looks during Catholic Schools week. You can see how each floor highlighted their SEASon of change.