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Be Kind, Be Happy, Be You

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Use your heart and hands to emulate Jesus. Make Lent your new beginning.

It was fun seeing some of you at Family Bingo on Friday night. I hope you had more luck than me. I had fun so I was a winner.

Spring is on it's way!

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 This week we will welcome with open arms spring.  Flowers, birds, warm sunshine and outdoor recess, yippee!!!

I hope you all had fun celebrating 
St. Patrick's Day. 

The children enjoyed all the goodies you sent in to help make our celebration so yummy.

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It was a double celebration. I truly appreciate  all the birthday cards and wishes. I truly loved looking through all the adorable creations the children worked so hard on. It was a great surprise.  

This week in:

We will work on 
the letter Tt.
Tt is for turtles and we will be decorating our room with adorable turtles.

The children did a wonderful job with the number 10. We discussed how "10" has 2 digits and we have to make sure the digits are next to each other. If they aren't we have a 1 and 0. I'd rather have ten dollars than 1 or 0.

We have been and will be discussing greater than and less than and more number awareness.

The children are doing well writing their numbers. Reversals are common, but with constant reminders they continue to work hard. 


This week the Long Island Children's Museum will be visiting our class. We are very excited to see fun experiments. 


With spring on it's way we talk about how Easter is celebrated during nature's season of spring and like the season, Easter is about new life. We are excited to make flowers, chicks, bunnies and all those cute things, but we must remember that Jesus' resurrection is the real reason for the celebration.






Long Island Children's Museum visits

Please continue sending in loose or extra change for our "Be the Change" fundraiser for the Make a Wish Foundation. We greatly appreciate your support and generosity. It is a wonderful way for the children to BE Kind and bring happiness to others.

So far our school, with your help,has collected over $1,000. Thanks so much. 

Important Dates
Mark your calendars

May 8th - Easter Prayer Service (1:45)

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May 22nd - Tea with mom - (1:15)
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June 14th - Pre K Moving Up ceremony (10:00)