What's Happening in Spanish Class?!

Pre-K will be learning the days of the week with a Days of the Week Song and drawing pictures of what activities they like to do each day.

Kindergarten will continue to review the numbers 1-10 by singing "Diez Amigos" and counting classroom objects.  They will also be playing a Count Off Game.

First grade will continue to review the numbers 1-20 by singing "Veinte Amigos" and drawing objects for their favorite number.

Second grade will be reviewing the numbers 0-29 and finish sharing their phone numbers with the class to review the numbers while practicing their listening skills.

Third grade will be reviewing the months and seasons by doing the Macarena and drawing the weather for each month and season.

Fourth grade will be reviewing possessive adjectives while reviewing the family vocabulary.

Fifth grade will be starting Lección 2 in Spanish is Fun, learning the family vocabulary and how to make things plural.  They will also be reviewing sentence structure.

Sixth grade will be finishing the Repaso 1 lesson in Spanish is Fun and will start Lección 5 on numbers 0-39.

Seventh grade will continue Lección 8 in Spanish is Fun, reviewing adjective vocabulary and learning adjective placement and how adjectives agree in number and gender.

Eighth grade will be continue to review Lección 11 in Spanish is Fun, reviewing the conjugation of ESTAR and the uses of SER vs. ESTAR with an acronym.