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                                              October 15, 2018

Welcome Nursery Families!

The theme for this week in nursery
class is "Colors"! We will become scientists
in our very own classroom! We will predict,
observe, and discuss while mixing
primary colors to make secondary colors.
We will compare our colors to the
changing season of Autumn, and
use our new colors to make Halloween
projects. Be ready for goblins
and witches!

Numbers are all around us! We are
having fun matching numbers, playing
the magic number game. The children
wait for a number to be called and 
identify the matching number. Last
week we found "apple" numbers
and pasted them to an apple
tree. The children needed to
listen, look, identify, and complete
a task! They are an impressive
group of Nursery children!

Stories of God's Love  challenges us to
know our classmate's names and
to develop friendships within our
classroom. The children appear to be
doing just that. We are getting to
know one another and becoming
fast friends.

Our nursery rhyme this week
features Little Miss Muffett.
Where did she sit? What did she eat?
Who sat down beside her? We'll
find out as we answer the questions.

Halloween is fast approaching!
The children will be participating
in a Halloween Parade especially
scheduled for the NURSERY
CHILDREN ONLY, on Thursday,
October 31st. More information
to follow.


Mrs. Jane Cappiello
Mrs. Doreen Shanley









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