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Be Kind, Be Happy, Be You

Ready, set, go!
Here comes a fun week.

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The children are excited to celebrate the 100th day of school and Valentine's Day.

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We have been counting down and watching our last 10 frame fill up. The children are doing a great job counting and recognizing numbers. Each day, our calendar helper calls on three friends to identify a number he/she selects.  They love the challenge.

Last week we worked on special Valentine's Day projects. We read a story about having Jesus in our hearts. We discussed how and when we can have Jesus in our heart.  The answers were precious.
This week in:

We will work on the letter Pp.
P is for penguin. 
We will be learning about penguins.

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We will work on the number 9.

We will continue discussing all the wonderful things God has given us. 

Social Studies
Our lessons will include discussions on what the President of the United States does and will continue with a look at George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Reminder: please send in T shirts for our 100th day project. The children will be decorating their shirts and wearing them to school on Friday.

Also, please send in Valentine's cards.

-Valentine's Day party


-100th Day Celebration
The children can wear their 100th day t shirts and sneakers.

Please continue sending in loose or extra change for our "Be the Change" fundraiser for the Make a Wish Foundation. We greatly appreciate your support and generosity. It is a wonderful way for the children to BE Kind and bring happiness to others.

So far our school, with your help,has collected over $1,000. Thanks so much. 

I hope you all enjoy your week off!