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 Welcome to
 Pre K-B
Mrs. Sylvan & Mrs. Wykert

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Be Kind, Be Happy, Be You

What's going on this week?
(October 22-26, 2018)

Pretty Autumn Pumpkins

A Look Back


The children totally enjoyed firefighter Mike. He was very informative as well as fun. Each child practiced stop, drop and roll.

On Tuesday, we met our 6th grade STEAM partners. The Pre K children were thrilled to meet their new friends as well as try to create their haunted, pumpkin structure. It was fun watching the groups come up with ways to keep the structure upright. 

Friday was Donuts with Dad. It was so wonderful seeing so many dandy dads, grandpas and uncles. The children truly enjoyed their special visitors. 
Looking Ahead

This week in:


This week we will introduce the letter Ee. We will review how to write the letter and the sound it makes. 

We will discuss, write and look at pictures that begin with the letter Ee.


We will continue the number 1. 


We continue talking about our friends around us and how we see ourselves in the world.
We talk about how God made each one of us and we are very special.

What's ahead this week:


-Firefighter Mike visits



No School
Teachers attend conference

Have a great week!

Kids with Fall Pumpkins Clip Art