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Week of February 25th


We will learn about the sacraments of our Church and focus on Baptism. 


We will continue to learn how to compare and order numbers from
1 through 120 and begin using place value to help us add. 


The children keep working on their writing and phonics skills each day with their dictation. This week we will add the suffix "s" to the  glued sounds of ank, ink, onk, and unk. 

Please study the six new spelling words that go home on Monday; there will be a spelling test on Friday.  We will introduce the past and future tenses of verbs.

Our stories this week explore how life is different than it was long ago.

Each Tuesday our students will participate in The Health Education Prevention Program or HEPP.  It is sponsored by Nassau County and works to education children on making healthy choices.

The children will also participate in dental hygiene presentation to help them learn how to keep their teeth healthy.

Social Studies/Science

The children will read stories and learn about many new concepts in their weekly Scholastic News Magazine and monthly issue of Scholastic's Science Spin.  


COGAT Testing begins this Wednesday; please bring in sharpened number 2 pencils with erasers.  

Use the ConnectEd  & Scholastic News passwords/codes that were sent home  to access the online resources for Math and Reading, Science and Social Studies.