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Week of December 10th - Class 1-2


Our class will be preparing for Christmas during the upcoming Advent Season.


We will be learning the strategies of making 10 to subtract, using related facts and fact families, and finding the missing addend in a number sentence. 


The children keep working on their writing and phonics skills each day with their dictation.  This week our phonics lessons introduce the glued sounds, "am" and "an", which are found in words like ham and man.   

We will have six new spelling words which use consonant blends at the end of words; our test is on Friday.  

Our reading stories this week focus on how people help out in their community.  The children will learn about the story elements of character, setting, and events. 

This week's grammar lessons will focus on common and proper nouns.  

Social Studies/Science/Health

The children will read and learn about many new concepts in their weekly Scholastic News Magazine and monthly issue of Scholastic's Science Spin. 


Parent/Teacher Conferences Thursday, Dec. 13th.-Half Day Dismissal

Please donate a toy for the drive.

Use the ConnectEd  & Scholastic News passwords/codes that were sent home  to access the online resources for Math and Reading, Science and Social Studies.