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Week of October 22nd - Class 1-2


We will continue to explore the life of Jesus and how we can BE more like Him.  


We will continue to work on subtraction concepts using numbers up to 10.  


The children keep working on their writing and phonics skills each day with their dictation.  Our spelling test is Thursday; please practice this week's six new spelling words and five new sight words. Be sure that all spelling homework is marked up.

Our stories this week will center around our communities and the jobs that need to be done in them. 

Social Studies/Science/Health

Our class has been learning how to keep our teeth healthy as we discuss oral health and hygiene. 

The children will read and learn about many new concepts in their weekly Scholastic News Magazine and monthly issue of Scholastic's Science Spin. The children made paper spiders and wrote fact sentences about them.  This week we will read about the changes that occur in Autumn.    

Remember school is closed this Friday for the Teacher's Conference!

Use the ConnectEd password/code that were sent home on Friday to access the online resources for Math and Reading. 

Best regards,
Jeanne Ciano