Computer Network and Internet Policy

SEAS students are representatives of the school community and their actions should reflect the teachings of our Catholic faith and the values of our school at all times. 

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Regional School has established a computer network with access to the internet for its students.  This network has been established for educational purposes only.  While using the SEAS computer network, the student and parents/guardians of the student fully agree to the following terms of use.

The student and his/her parents/guardians agree:

  • There is No Right to PrivacyAdministration, faculty, and other authorized persons will have the right to review any and all materials saved, transmitted, accessed, or momentarily in use by the student.  This right is extended to the student’s parents/guardians in accord with the school’s policy for review of student records or work.
  • There is No Absolute Freedom of Speech since these resources are viewed by the administration as a limited educational forum.
  • Never to give out personal information (name, address, phone, e-mail, gender, etc.)
  • Never to give out another person’s personal information
  • Never to arrange a meeting or accept an invitation to meet with anyone
  • Always to inform a staff member if they have been asked for a meeting or personal information
  • Never to buy or sell anything on-line
  • Never to access or transmit sexually explicit material
  • Never to harass or annoy anyone
  • Never to access or transmit discriminatory material (racist, sexist, or prejudicial)
  • Always to inform a member of the staff if they have seen any sexually explicit, violent, or discriminatory material
  • Never try to disarm any software or hardware used to manage the school’s internet access
  • Never try to disarm any software or hardware used to protect the school’s computer system
  • Never to use software or hardware that they do not have permission to use
  • Never to try to get into another computer of which they have not been given access
  • Never to plagiarize (treat other people’s words or ideas as their own)
  • Never to violate copyright law (copy other people’s work illegally or use someone’s work without first getting proper permission)
  • Never to participate in illegal activity (Our school will cooperate fully with local, state, and federal officials in any investigation related to any illegal activities conducted through the school resources.)
  • Never to install software or programs without proper permission
  • Never to download or upload any material without proper permission
  • Never to do or say anything using the computer that they could not do or say in their teacher’s presence
  • Only to transmit materials under the direct supervision of a teacher
  • Always to be respectful of people and the equipment
  • Always to stop using any and all of the school’s computer resources whenever requested to do so by a member of the staff or other authorized person

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Regional School reserves the right to establish rules and regulations regarding the use of the computer system at any time.

Social Media

Anything deemed inappropriate or contrary to the teachings of the church and SEAS will be addressed by the administration.

A student found in violation of any of these rules and regulations will face disciplinary action.  This action may include, but is not limited to: removal from the system temporarily or permanently.  He or she may face more serious consequences depending on the seriousness of the offense, including suspension or expulsion.

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