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  • 4th and 5th Grade 
    Book Club

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         SEAS Book Club is a group of students who are in the fourth grade and older and would like to spend special time reading for enjoyment. Students have the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions about a text. They understand their point of view will be listened to and respected. We celebrate the literature we are challenged to read, with an "end of a read" party and a movie that parallels our text. We compare an author's view with a film version of our read. When asked, our students enjoy the text version almost always more than the film version. 
         I am proud to say, that our SEAS Book Club is filled with inquisitive students, and there is always room for more!

         Book Club Dates-November 12- Regular Pick Up 3:15 pm.
         Book Club Celebration and Movie- Monday, November 19th; 4:00 Pick Up.
    Movie-The Tale of Despereux

         Mrs. Cappiello



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    Our middle school book club at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School is in full swing!  We dove into the powerful journey of "A Long Walk to Water" by Linda Sue Park. We embarked on a literary adventure and explored resilience, hope, and the inspiring tales woven into this compelling
    narrative. We wrapped up our exploration of "A Long Walk to Water" with a sweet ending
    – an Ice Cream Social! 
    Join us for our next book as we explore more captivating stories and share our love for reading.

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    Dates and next book TBA
    All Middle School students are welcome!
    ~Mrs. Conway~